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Advantage Of BLOGS | Learn how BLOGS can boost marketing results!

Blogs can directly bring potential users

Blog content is published on blog hosting sites, etc. These sites often have a large number of user groups. Valuable blog content will attract a large number of potential users to browse, so as to achieve the purpose of delivering marketing information to potential users. Using this method to develop online marketing, Is the basic form of blog marketing and the most direct value expression of blog marketing.

The value of blog marketing is reflected in reducing website promotion costs

Website promotion is the basic content of corporate network marketing. After a large number of corporate websites are built, they lack effective promotion measures. As a result, website visits are too low, which reduces the actual value of the website. By means of blogs, appropriate corporate website information (such as a link to a popular product, link to download URLs for online coupons, etc.) is added to the blog content to achieve the purpose of website promotion. Such “blog promotion” is also extremely low-cost The method of website promotion reduces the cost of generally paid promotion or increases the number of website visits without increasing the cost of website promotion.

The content of blog posts provides opportunities for users

The content of blog posts provides opportunities for users to obtain information through search engines
Multi-channel information transmission is the guarantee for the effectiveness of online marketing. Blog posts can increase the chances of users to discover corporate information through search engines. The main reason is that generally speaking, blog sites with more visits are better than those on corporate websites. The engine friendliness is better, and users can easily find the content of these corporate blogs through search engines. The so-called visibility of search engines here means that as many web pages as possible are included by the main search engines, and when users use relevant keywords to search, the location and summary information of these web pages are more likely to attract users’ attention, thereby achieving The purpose of using search engines to promote the website.

Obtaining links to other related websites is a common way of website promotion. However, when a company’s website is not well-known and has low traffic, it is often difficult to find valuable websites to link to. Linking to the company’s website is a matter of course. Having the qualification to publish blog posts increases the initiative and flexibility of website links, which may not only bring new visits to the website but also increase the website’s advantage in search engine rankings because some major search engines such as Google put a The number and quality of links to other websites are also used as one of the factors in calculating its ranking.

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Achieve lower cost to study reader behaviour

When the blog content is more popular, the blog site also becomes a place to communicate with users. Any questions can be raised in the blog post, and readers can post comments, so as to understand the readers’ opinions on the content of the blog post, and the author can also reply to the reader’s comment. Of course, you can also set up a link to the online questionnaire in the blog post, so that interested readers can participate in the survey. This expands the scope of online questionnaires on the website. At the same time, you can directly communicate with readers on the questions in the survey, so that Online surveys are more interactive, and as a result, the effect of online surveys is improved, which means that the cost of survey research is reduced.

Blog is one of the ideal ways to establish the brand image

As a personal blog, if you want to become an expert in a certain field, one of the best ways is to create your own blog. If you persist in blogging, the information resources you have created will bring you considerable visits. In these information resources, you also include various valuable articles, website links, and practical tools that you have collected. Resources are very helpful for themselves to continue to write more articles to improve, which forms a virtuous circle. The accumulation of such resources does not actually require much investment, but the return is considerable. The same is true for corporate blogs, as long as you insist on in-depth research in a certain field and strengthen multi-level communication with users.

Blogs reduce the potential loss of being overtaken by competitors

In 2004, blog (BLOG) has become one of the most popular words in the world. Not only has the number of users participating in blog writing increased rapidly, but the number of Internet users browsing the content of blog sites has also increased dramatically. The cost of time spent on blogs has actually been compensated by other savings, such as the content written for blog sites, which can also be used to update the corporate website content or publish on other media with marketing value. Conversely, if you are surpassed by competitors because you do not have a blog, the loss will be immeasurable.

Blogs allow marketers to shift from passive media dependence to independent publishing of information

Under the traditional marketing model, companies often need to rely on the media to release corporate information, which is not only subject to greater limitations but also relatively expensive. When marketers have their own blog area, you can publish all the information you wish to publish at any time! As long as the information does not violate national laws, and the information is valuable to users. The emergence of blogs has brought about a major change in marketing concepts and marketing methods for marketers. The power of each company and everyone in the blog to release information freely, how to effectively use this power to serve the corporate marketing strategy depends on the marketers’ Factors such as knowledge background and application ability of blog marketing.

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