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Four Laws Of Efficient Marketing

Law One: Search engine optimization is the most important

All information about the world is obtained by search engines, and all other people’s information is used as a summary, and then all of our netizens extract this information and look at it. For the acquisition of information, the search engine is a well-deserved trump card, because its spider program almost collects information on the Internet.
Nowadays, more than 90% of Chinese netizens use search engines to get the information they want, so it is very important to get an excellent ranking in search engines. So bid ranking was born, SEO was born. Then the search engine marketing method based on this layer is the source of information display and the main traffic of the website.
One of the great advantages of blogs is that they can get the top rankings of the keywords they need without participating in the bidding. Therefore, doing a good job in blog keyword search engine optimization is the first and foremost job of blogging efficiency. Of course, don’t cheat.

Law Two: Long-term blog information

Visiting messages and emails are usually the primary source of blog interactive communications. If you spend a whole day checking messages and emails and replying to them one by one, or just browsing the content of the emails, then you really can’t accomplish anything important. You must accept the fact that it is normal that there are some comments in the blog post that have not been revisited, and some unread emails in the inbox, and you can deal with it later. Just like fishing, this is a long distance.

Law Three: The blog plan starts today

Most Internet workers develop the habit of making long-term plans, but in the end, half of the tasks are not completed. They even try to implement each plan, believing that this attempt can help them accomplish these tasks.
No matter how many schedules and schedules you make, the blog is the one that accomplishes these tasks. If you fail to complete it on time or are just overworked to complete a long-term schedule, you will leave more tasks for the next day and put more pressure on yourself. Therefore, it is important to calmly analyze your abilities and limitations and work out the tasks you can really accomplish in a day.

Law Four: Use tools for good marketing

The Internet is a sea of ​​network applications, just like there are thousands of applications to help you develop various blog marketing plans. It is important to find the application that suits you and make your work more efficient. You should do some initial research and take advice from experienced Internet workers in your field. They know which tools are the best for trading.

The Internet and new media are still progressing and developing. Mobile media, mobile blogs, and mobile e-commerce applications will be the next industry full of promise and hope. In the future, China’s Internet giants are likely to arise from mobile wireless media. But at the same time, we must also admit that it takes a long-term process for any new things to be accepted by society and become mainstream applications. Newspapers, magazines, radio, and television will continue to exist as traditional media for a long time. Many traditional media have set up blogs, and blog operators are also cross-platform and expand into mobile phones wirelessly. In the future, the new and old media will tolerate and merge with each other.

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The future development direction of blog marketing must be closely related to the value it creates. The key is to integrate with C2C websites or transform the blog into a place with C 2 C or C 2 B functions. Anything that can be sold on a C 2 C website can be sold by blogs. The owners of small online shops can also be bloggers at the same time. Blogs can evolve from the relationship between blog writers and readers to the relationship between sellers and buyers.

Marketing with SNS

A survey report jointly conducted by BuzzLogic and JupiterResearch found that blogs have a greater impact on Internet users’ shopping decisions. Internet users’ trust in blog ads is higher than in community website ads. 25% of respondents believe in blog ads. In contrast, only 19% believe in community advertising. 40% of general blog readers and 50% of readers who frequently read blogs took action after reading the advertisements on the blog. Among them, 31% of the blogs related to the purchase of technology products considered the blog useful, and the others were useful to the interviewed The types of blogs that are influential by the readers also include the media and entertainment industry (15%), games, toys and sporting goods (14%), travel (12%), automobiles (11%), and health care (10%).

It can be seen from this report that netizens are more loyal to blogs than communities. The reason for this is probably that the quality of the content and interaction of the blog is higher than that of the community. In addition, the community is a place of popularity and concentration. When the forest grows, there are all kinds of birds. For example, some forums often have messy posts. It is inevitable that users will be disgusted, and there are usually only one or several blog authors, and the quality of the content can be well controlled. In addition, the interaction between bloggers and visitors is easier, and blog advertisements are more relevant to the content of the article, which often makes it easier to retain visitors.

Therefore, for most companies. I personally think that there is no need to build a forum, especially in China. There are not many interactive forums, and the user viscosity is not high. Therefore, for most companies, especially small and medium-sized enterprises, in addition to building a company website, they should try to run a blog to promote the company’s image and company products. First, you can save advertising costs, and second, you can meet many industry-related friends or customers. Blog marketing is low cost. Pay attention to the use of words when doing blog marketing. After all, you do not blog for traffic, not for Adsense. The amount of traffic is not the key, but the quality of the traffic is the key. So it’s okay to use terminology, as long as potential customers or partners often use it.

Marketing with Weiboedit

Due to the popularization of the concept of blogs in the past few years, people’s understanding and acceptance of Weibo has become a matter of course. Obviously, the popularity of Weibo is much easier than blogs. Since the value of blog marketing has been widely recognized, as a corporate marketer, he soon focused his attention on Weibo marketing. Whenever a new Internet application becomes a popular tool, a new online marketing model will be produced accordingly, so it is not surprising that everyone scrambles to explore Weibo marketing.

The essential difference between Weibo marketing and blog marketing can be simply compared from the following three aspects:

  • First, the difference in the manifestation of information sources. Blog marketing is based on the value of blog posts (information sources), and expresses personal opinions as to the main model. Each blog post is represented as a separate web page, so there are certain requirements for the quantity and quality of content. This is also the purpose of blog marketing. One of the bottlenecks. Weibo content is short and concise, focusing on expressing what interesting (valuable) things have happened, rather than systematic and rigorous corporate news or product introductions.
  • Second, the difference in information dissemination mode. Weibo pays attention to timeliness. At the same time, in addition to direct browsing my friends (fans) who follow each other, Weibo’s communication channels can also be transmitted to more people through friends’ forwarding, so it is a way to quickly disseminate short information. In addition to users directly entering the website or RSS subscription browsing, blog marketing can often obtain continuous browsing through search engine searches. The low timeliness requirements of blogs determine that blogs can obtain long-term attention from users from multiple channels, so the establishment of Multi-channel communication is very valuable for blog marketing, and “microblog marketing” for unknown groups without purpose is usually meaningless.
  • Third, the difference in information and behaviour of users. Users can use computers, mobile phones and other terminals to easily obtain microblog information, which has played the value of “fragmented time resource collection”. It is precise because of the fragmentation of information and time that users usually do not immediately make certain Purchase decisions or other conversion behaviours, so being a rigid promotion method can only backfire.
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