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Characteristics of a good blog!

Let’s talk about the important characteristics of a good blog and some other important concepts related to it. This discussion will help you gain insight into the elements that make a blog good and attract more people to it. So keep reading…


Leonardo once said that “simplicity is the ultimate beauty.” Don’t add a lot of decorations to your blog, which is messy and useless. You don’t need a blog full of pictures or 20 different RSS subscription buttons. All you need to do is to make your content as convenient as possible for readers.


Many bloggers only think about themselves when writing, so few people leave valid comments. Maybe you are looking for tips for getting a response from your blog, but the most important thing is to put readers first.

Interactivity is the essence that distinguishes blog marketing from traditional marketing. It is also the key to discovering potential customers. It is an important way and link to connect customers or receive orders. Interaction mainly includes reading blog posts (especially blogs in the industry), commenting on blog posts, wang-wang communication, establishing a blog circle, participating in forum business alliances, QQ exchanges, and offline business alliance activities. It is a comprehensive concept.


This is the root of blogs. Before bloggers design font colours, sizes, and styles, they must first consider readability. No one likes to read a blog with very small words, dim colours, and disorganized.

Combination with website

Good corporate blogs often disseminate their information in the form of soft texts, and the emphasis is on the exchange of ideas, with emotional elements, and fast updates and strong flexibility. However, the corporate website focuses on the company profile, product information, etc., which is a more serious and fixed feeling. This is the inherent positioning of the website and the blog. Both seem to have shortcomings in independent operation, but they are integrated and complement each other, which naturally shows the integrity of corporate marketing. In fact, the combination of blogs and websites can enable a large number of customers to browse and comment on serious websites through the flexibility of blogs. On the other hand, it also increases the advantage in search engine rankings.

Combination with forum communities

As an online marketing method, the forum community is mainly in the form of alliances. Online is a “contending of a hundred schools of thought”, and contacts have been added to “Don’t fight without acquaintance”. Offline community activities gather the wisdom of everyone and gather everyone’s strength, especially to transform the virtual into reality. A good blog needs contacts, and contacts mean order probability. Blogs need forum community activities because it is an important channel for blogs to transform ideas from exchanges into reality.

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Public welfare

This is the quality of a good blog. There is nothing wrong with making money from blogs, but don’t put 20 ads on a new blog that doesn’t have much traffic yet. Write some good articles and after you get some traffic, you can consider gradually putting a small amount of advertising. If you have a very popular blog, you can put ads as you like, but if your blog is not so popular, people will think you are just for money.

Reducd cost of enterprises

The development and popularization of network marketing through blogs and other means have linked enterprises of different fields, types and characteristics. Enterprises can directly sell their products and services to the world through the Internet, thereby reducing traditional transportation and communication costs.

The effect of blog marketing

Blog marketing is a marketing method that uses blogs as a marketing tool and blog marketing is one of the means of network marketing. It has advantages that other network marketing methods can’t match, but the advantages are great. For individuals who blog marketing, it should also There is a standard of judgment, and this standard should run through the entire blog marketing process. This will prevent us from blogging for the sake of blogs. Using the effect standards of blog marketing to guide our blog activities will make your blog marketing activities always revolve around beneficial Starting your own business will make your blog marketing activities healthier and make your blog marketing more focused.


The blog gate may not be the gate of wealth for network marketing. I saw a case not long ago. A French wine producer gained a reputation by donating wine to French bloggers, and then expanded sales through word of mouth, which achieved good social and economic effects. If you don’t want meat buns and dogs, you must have blog public relations. Most Chinese blogs are not as romantic as French blogs, or even very realistic. Their reputation is priceless, and the cost is unacceptable for ordinary small businesses. At present domestic network marketing blog phenomenon focused on improving visibility by enhancing individual corporate reputation, such as Sany’s Xiang Wenbo blog.
If you use the Internet as a marketing tool, you must figure out the various advantages of the Internet, cost, speed, and diversity. Internet marketing tools with pictures, texts, movies, and sound are more effective than a single email, website or online advertisement. In fact, It is very popular in the market to use network marketing software, which combines the advantages of multiple promotion methods to be more efficient and faster.
“Flowers are not flowers, fog is not fog, network marketing has no multiples.” For companies, there is no version of online marketing, and companies must identify them in specific operations, and don’t go astray.

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