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The Ultimate Guide to Blog Marketing

Blogs are surely a very powerful means of marketing these days. Having a set of quality blogs on your website can help you provide customers with all the knowledge they need, increase their curiosity about your products, improve engagement with them, appear more sincere and trustworthy to them and much more. But all of this won’t just happen by writing quality blogs. You will need to spread it among people and market it, and only then more and more people will read it. But even this may not be sufficient. A well-written blog may make a good read stuff for your customers, but you have to make your that it also has elements that help you reach your marketing goals. In this blog post therefore, you will find all the important tips to help you with blog marketing. So keep reading…

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4 Must Do’s – If you are serious about Blog Marketing

1. Advertise on blog sites

In the blog world, standard advertisements are like shouting at a cocktail party. The design of the advertisement should take the blog into consideration and make the blog part of the advertising conversation.

2. Publish professional articles

The product is the protagonist of a professional article. Articles must be professional and must have a knowledge point to communicate with the public and establish a sense of authority.

3. Build a blog team

Publish blog diaries through public relations companies to influence mainstream media coverage.

4. Monitor blog sites

By monitoring blog sites, we can promptly discover the companies or topics that people are most concerned about or talk about the most, and prepare for potential public relations crises. (or opportunities…)

Other important Tips

1. Follow the basics

The basic rules of writing are certain. You will find that many blog posts do not follow spelling and grammar. Of course, blogs do not need to stick to the traditional publishing format, but if you want readers to be able to read easily, it is best to follow these basic rules.

2. Concise

Although blog writing does not need to consider article length limitations like publications, readers’ time is precious. Netizens usually read a lot of content, and if you don’t directly express your views, they won’t read your blog again.

3. News value

Blogs need to be newsworthy, interesting, useful and humorous. Some blogs did not pay attention to these, so the effect is not ideal.

4. Practical content

Newsworthiness is important, but “practical” is the most important. People like funny things, but you are not professional, they will not subscribe to your blog, just come back again for fun. You may also have other specialities, such as being good at telling stories, which is also an advantage, but not enough to get people to subscribe. The main reason people subscribe to or frequently read your blog is that your content has practical value in their daily work and life.

5. Easy to browse

People subscribe to a lot of blogs. There is no time to read it once a day. So you have to get them to browse quickly and quickly grasp the main point of the article. If your article is full of large paragraphs of text, no one wants to read it. The best way to quickly browse articles is through lists. People can understand the main points at a glance. Another good way is to highlight your main point.

6. Title show

The title needs to be concise and attractive. Without a good title, no one will read your article. There are too many articles in their feed readers, and they only focus on the headlines that attract them. Of course, the content of your article should match the title.

7. First person

This may be the biggest difference between blog writing and other writing. In general publications, the convention is to maintain author neutrality. But the blog is different, you are you, with millions of prejudices. The more you express your opinion, the better. There are millions of blogs on the Internet, it is difficult for you to be very special unless you write unique content, that is yourself.

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Although blogs are independent and self-contained in web portals, they are also part of the Internet, and this benefit should be fully utilized. Let other articles provide the knowledge background for your masterpiece, and let readers continue to read through the links. Try to provide them with excellent links. Those may well be links to other blogs of yours or blogs of somebody else that you may consider important for your readers to read.

9. Edit well

The full text of typos and poor layout is disgusting. Unlike other writing, blogging requires proofreading yourself. You should carefully proofread word by word, sentence by sentence, or even rewrite because you can only blame yourself for problems in the future.

10. Follow other blogs

Not only pay attention to blogs with similar topics to yours, but also check out some other excellent blogs. Good blogs will gradually show up over time. See where they are doing well, and see where others are wrong. Persevere in learning, and soon you will become a model for others to learn.

11. Update moderately

If you want to do a good job in blog marketing, it is difficult for a static blog to attract the attention of customers for a long time, so blogs should be updated regularly. The best update rate is 2-5 per week. Mainly based on the blogger’s constant writing time, the higher the update frequency, the higher Baidu’s search enthusiasm for blogs.

12. True integrity

The content of the blog should be sincere. Blog marketing is mostly used by enterprises, and the main purpose is to attract the attention of dealers or agents or customers and arouse resonance. If the blog content is too fake and exaggerated, it will cause disgust from customers.

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