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An Introduction To Blog Marketing

Blog marketing is one of the forms of content marketing.

Blog marketing is a kind of knowledge resource based on personal thoughts, experience and other manifestations. It connects blog authors and readers through blog websites or blog forums and uses the blog authors’ personal knowledge, interests and life experience to spread products.

The essence of blog marketing can be summarized as follows: blog marketing is a content marketing model based on knowledge and information resources. It realizes brand or product promotion by increasing the network visibility of corporate information. The essence is to use knowledge information as a carrier with a certain amount of marketing information.


To understand what blog marketing is, you must first know what a blog is. The original name is Weblog, which consists of two words – “web” and “log“. The word is BLOG (abbreviation for WEB LOG), which literally means Internet diary. Later, people who like new nouns deliberately changed the pronunciation of this word to Weblog. After this, the word blog was created which is the one currently in use.

The content of the Internet diary such as a blog is usually public, and you can publish your own Internet diary. You can also read other people’s online diaries, so blogs can be understood as a sharing of personal thoughts, opinions, and knowledge on the Internet.

It can be noticed that blogs have basic recurring characteristics such as knowledge, autonomy, and sharing. It is the nature of blogs that determines that blog marketing is a personal knowledge resource based on expressions such as thoughts and experience. Blogs and blog marketing transmit information through the Internet.

Blog marketing is a tool that uses blogs as a form of network application to develop network marketing.

Companies or individuals use blogs, an online interactive platform, to publish and update their profiles and information and pay close attention to and promptly respond to customer queries and inquiries about the company or individuals on the platform.

A strong blogging platform is a marketing tool that helps companies or brands to obtain a higher ranking in search engines at zero cost to achieve the purpose of publicity.

The concepts related to blog marketing include corporate blogs, professional blogs, marketing blogs, etc.
These are also described from the perspective of the specific purpose of blogs and are mainly distinguished from personal blogs whose content is based on personal interests and even personal privacy.

In fact, whether it is called a corporate blog or a marketing blog, blogging is generally a personal behaviour (of course, it is not ruled out that a company may collectively write the same blog article), but there are differences in writing content and starting point. A corporate blog or marketing blog has a clear corporate marketing purpose, and the blog posts will more or less carry corporate marketing colours.

The difference between blog and blog marketing

A blog is a log written on the Internet and has some characteristics of a normal log. For example, the main text is sorted by time, but unlike in the diary, the latest articles are sorted at the top, and the old entries are at the bottom.

Real blog marketing relies on original and professional content to attract readers, cultivate a group of loyal readers, build trust, authority, and form a personal brand among the readers, and then influence readers’ thinking and purchasing decisions.

Blog and Internet Marketing connection

“Blog Marketing-Blog and Internet Marketing” is one of the new Internet marketing hot topics, specializing in the application of blogs in Internet marketing. Blog marketing is a form of network information transmission based on personal knowledge resources (including thought, experience, etc.).

To be successful, generally, bloggers must learn, master and effectively use knowledge in a certain field.

The purpose of blog marketing

The purpose of blog marketing can be summarized into three aspects (for three different types of the blog).

For the purpose of marketing yourself

For this type of blog, the blogger’s goal is to bring himself popularity, fame, and ultimately money and fortune through blog writing. Of course, these kinds of people didn’t have a purpose when they first started blogging, but as time went on, they discovered that blogs had a marketing potential and made the transition.

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For the purpose of marketing the company

Marketing the company’s culture, principles, brand, establishing a communication platform, and managing sales services better. This type of blogger is the boss or senior management of the company, and they are usually optimistic about the marketing method of the blog. To do this kind of blog marketing the most important thing is not blog posts, but overall management planning and guidance.

For the purpose of marketing products

The purpose of this type of blog is very simple. The purpose is selling products and getting orders and is achieved through the writing of blog articles. Such bloggers are generally the bosses or sales executives of small businesses, who just want to serve their company’s e-commerce through blog marketing. Because the purpose of such bloggers is simple and clear, the writing of blog posts is the most practical for them.

After the goal is clear, what you need to do next is to write articles about all the questions your customers and potential customers want to know, all the things you want to know, and the things you want your customers to know, so that when customers read your blog posts, they have a deep understanding of your product.

Therefore, in this article we will only discuss the third case of blog marketing purposes. That is, to master the writing skills of blog marketing articles, to impress customers, influence people, and increase product sales.

6 common types of blog marketing

For blog marketing of different industries and companies of different sizes, the blog marketing models adopted by each company are different. In fact, blog marketing can have many different models. Corporate blog marketing has the following six common types:

  • Corporate website blog channel mode
  • Third-party BSP public platform model
  • A blog marketing model built on a third-party corporate blog platform
  • Personal independent blog site model
  • Blog marketing outsourcing model
  • Blog advertising model

Why Blog Marketing is a great tool

  • Blogging reduces network expenses
  • Blog content increases the visibility of search engines , thereby bringing traffic to the website
  • Research and analytics on readers behavior at low cost
  • Blog marketing is the fastest and least cost way to establish the brand of a website
  • Personal blogs can partially replace advertising investment and reduce direct advertising costs
  • Blog marketing saves the cost of retaining users
  • Blogs reduce the potential loss of being overtaken by competitors

Since blogs are on the Internet, blogs are no longer personal logs and they have become a marketing tool. They can have interactive functions that other marketing methods cannot have.

Many companies have begun to realize the magical effects of blogs. So the advice is to actively try to use blogs to serve your business goals.

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